Personal data:
Address: 17 Peshes1treletskaya St., Apt. 51
394051, Voronezh, RUSSIA
Phones: home: (0732) 337-520; office: 557-566
Year and Place of Birth: 1923,Bialystok. Poland
Marital Status: Married
1989 Institute of Linguistics, Academy of Sciences, Moscow. Ph.D., 1989.
1951—58 Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages. M.A., 1960.
1945—49 Pedagogical Institute, Grodno, Byelorussia.
1930—41 High School, Bialystok, Poland.
1961—99 The Voronezh State Pedagogical Institute (now University)): 
English. Professor, 1990.
1966—67 The Voronezh Institute of Civil Engineering, Head of the Foreign Languages Department.
1962—66 The Voronezh State University, Head of the English Department.
1954—62 The Ulyanovsk Pedagogical Institute, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages. 1954—59; Head of the English Department.
1951—54 The Grodno Pedagogical Institute, Teacher of English.
1949—51 The Grodno Regional Board of Education, Inspector.

Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages, 1957—58.

Pyatigorsk Institute of Foreign Languages, 1912—73.

Moscow Pedagogical Institute, Fall 1983.

Institute of Linguistics, Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Spring 1989.

Ohio State University, Slavic Department, Fulbright Scholar, January—September 1994.

Professional Organizations:

Modern Language Association of Voronezh and Central Russian Regions, Independent Union of Russian Universities Lecturers and Researchers.
Some of the Most Significant Events of Life:

1. Prisoner of the Bialystok Ghetto (1941-1943)
2. Resistance fighter in the Bialystok Ghetto (1942-1943)
3. Partisan (guerilla), scout of the Jewish Detachment "Forois" ("Forward") and the Russian Partisan Brigade "Kalinovski" near Bialystok (1943-1944)
4. Leader of the Democratic Opposition at the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology. The Voronezh State University (1963-1966).
5. Presentation of Doctoral Dissertation in Moscow (1989).
6. Fulbright Scholar at the Ohio State University, Columbus, USA. (1994).
Papers and articles of the last 5 years (1994-1995):
  1. The Development and Functioning of the English Language at the End of the XXth Century. -- The Works of the Voronezh Pedagogical University. -- Vol. 249. Voronezh, pp. 20-24.
  1. The Struggle of Jews Against German Fascism in the Enemy's Rear. "Korni"  ("Roots"). Saratov -- Nizhni Novgorod, pp. 92-123,?10
  1. The Notes of a Ghetto Prisoner. In: Bialystok Jews. Vol. 2. Institute of History. Branch of Warsaw University. Bialystok, pp. 7-62 (In Polish). 
  1. Paper at the Center-Region Conference sponsored by the Kennan Institute and U.S.I.A. in Yaroslavl: "Center and Regions: Myths and Realities.'
  1. Paper on the Cultural Component in the Teaching of Foreign Languages (on the material of American English and Russian). The First International Conference: Language and Culture. Abstracts of Reports. Voronezh.
  1. Article on the Language of Young Americans. Culture and Peace: East-West. Abstracts of an International Scientific Conference. Nizhny Novgorod.
  1. The Notes of a Ghetto Prisoner (an extract from an unpublished manuscript). "Korni" ("Roots"). Saratow-Nizhni Novgorod, pp. 96-131, ? 2.
Books: The Development of the English Dramatic Language and its Place in the Functional—Stylistic System of the National Language (16th—20th centuries). Moscow Institute of Linguistics, Academy of Sciences, 1988. (in Russian).

Problems of the Development of the English Colloquial Language in the 16th—20th centuries. Voronezh State University Press, 1978 (in Russian).

On the Interaction of Utterances in the English Dialogue. Ulyanovsk Pedagogical Institute Press, 1959. (in Russian).

Articles: : "On the Paradigmatics of a Dramatic Text." Language Paradigms and Their Functioning (Volgograd, 1992), 105—114. (in Russian).

"The Development of the Language of English Drama in the 16th—20th centuries." Filologicheskie Nauki, 2 (Moscow, 1991). 86—94. (in Russian).

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"Interpretation and Stylistic Analysis of an Extract from 'Fanny's First Play' by B. Shaw." (Voronezh, 1990), 1—18. (in English).

"Evaluative Language Means of Dramatic Text." The Logical and Axiological in Utterance and Text (Grozny, 1990), 9—11. (in Russian).

"The Sociostylistic Differentiation of the Speech of the Characters of the English Enlightenment Drama.' The Structural Features and Functional Properties of Language Units (Voronezh, 1989), 13—19. (in Russian).

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"The Development of Lexical and Phraseological Means in the English Dramatic Language." Stylistic Analysis of Foreign Belles-Lettres and Science Fiction, 4 (Leningrad, 1985), 44—50 (in Russian).

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"The Word in Shakespeare's Drama and the Language of the Period." Problems of Semantic Syntax (Stavropol, 1978), 129—140 (in Russian).

"Shakespeare's Dramatic Prose and the Colloquial Language." The Theory and Practice of the Linguistic Description of Colloquial Speech, 7, part 1 (Gorky, 1976). 42—49 (in Russian).

"The Development of the Colloquial English Vocabulary and its Reflection in English Drama." The Theory and Practice of the Linguistic Description of Colloquial Speech, 3 (Gorky, 1974), 3—13. (in Russian).

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"The Stylistic Use of Colloquial Speech in 'Pygmalion' by B. Shaw." The Proceedings of the Voronezh Pedagogical Institute, 111 (Voronezh, 1971), 3—17 (in Russian).

"The Stylistic Structure of Colloquial English." Papers of the Conference of the School of Romanic and Germanic Philology (Voronezh, 1965), 32—34 (in English).

"On the Interplay of English Dialogue Utterances." Zeitschrift fur Anglistik und Amerikanistik, 2 (Berlin, 1962), 203—212 (in English).

Lectures and Papers:

Numerous papers read at linguistic conferences in Moscow, Voronezh, Kiev, Gorky (now Nizhni Novgorod), Pyatigorsk, Alma-Ata, Perm, Grozny.

Lectures in Tajikstan: The Pedagogical Institute of Leninabad (now Khujent), 1911, 1973.

Lectures in Gorky, The Gorky Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, 1981, in the Chechen-Ingush Republic, Grozny, The Chechen—Ingush University, 1983.

Lectures—linguistic and historic (The Holocaust and the Jewish Resistance Movement), U.S.A., The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1994; The Cleveland Community College, Cleveland, OH, 1994.

Teaching of English to undergraduates of English Department. Specialization in the history of Colloquial English and Dramatic Prose Language. English Lexicology and Stylistics, Comparative Sociostylistics of English and Russian. Advisor of numerous graduate diploma papers and of five candidate dissertations.
Knowledge of Languages:

English, Russian, Yiddish, Polish and German.
Fields of Special Interest:
  1. English-Russian Contrastive Linguistics.
  2. English Linguistics, particularly the Theory of Colloquial English.
  3. English Stylistics.
  4. Holocaust and Jewish Resistance.
  5. Yiddish Culture and Language: Development and Fate.