Marina Karasseva

Personal data:
31-188 Lizyukov St.
394053 Voronezh, Russia
Telefon: (0732) 13-54-51
fax: (0732) 78-98-44
Year  of Birth: July 19, 1956.
Nationality: Russian
Education Background:
1998  took doctoral degree. ( Moscow State Legal Academy)/
1986 took Ph.D in Law. Speciality - Finance & tax law. (Saratov State Legal Academy ).
1983-1986 Post graduate student. Voronezh State University.
1973-1979 student of the Law School of the Voronezh State University.
Professional Experience:
1999-up to date full professor of the Law School (Voronezh State University.)
1992- 1999  assosiated professor of the Law School(Voronezh State University) 
1986-1992 assistant professor of the Voronezh State University.
1982-1893 Voronezh Regional Department of justice. Inspector.
1979-1882 Kursk Regional Bar Assosiation. Attorney.
Other Activities:
1991 I took part in summer session of the Hague Academy of International Law ( Holland). Certificate was received.
09.1994-06.1995  I partook in JFDP(USA).
09.1995-up to date I am a member of the scientific council of the State Institute of the regional legislation.
09.1995-up to date Iam Dean Deputy of the Law School ( Voronezh SU)
09.1997 I am a member of the Dissertation Council in the financial law area of the Saratov State Legal Academy.
09.1999 I am a member of the Dissertation Council in the financial law area of the Russian Legal Academy ( Ministry of Justice).
List of Publications:
On the results of scientific work 2 monographs, 5 textbooks,31 articles and 3 collections were published.
Among them: 
  • Karasseva M.V. Financial law .General cours.Moscow, 1999.
  • Karasseva M.V. Financial legal relationship.Voronezh, 1997.
  • Karasseva M.V. Constitution right of Soviet Citizents to complain. Voronezh,1989.