Vera N. Gouchtchina (Gushchina)

Personal data:
Address: Home address:  ul. Volodarskogo, 70, kv.6,Voronezh, 394000,Russia

Office address: 

Department of Cultural Studies Voronezh State University 
Universitetskaya pl., 1,Voronezh, 394693,Russia.
Telefon: Home:(0732) - 55-15-17 
Office:(073) 53-22-55
fax: (0732) -789-755.
Year and Place of Birth: Born February 24, 1958, Voronezh City, Russia.
Famaly status: Married.
Husband - Alexander Gouchtchin, daughter - Anastasiia Gouchtchina,born in 1989.
Current position: August 1999 present Starshii nuchnii sotrudnik (senior researcher)of the Cultural Studies Department in Voronezh State University(VSU) Voronezh, Russia
Teaching Experience:
1995- August 1999 Dotsent (associate professor) at the Department of Cultural Studies, VSU, Voronezh, Russia.
1993-1995. Dotsent (associate professor) at the Department of Philosophy,VSU
1988-1993 Lecturer (prepodavatel) at the Department of Philosophy, VSU.
July 6-17, 1998 Summer Institute On Ethics of Capitalism, CEU,Budapest, Hungary
September 15, 1996 - July 1,1997. Center for Social and Organizational Learning,Management Science Department, SBPM, George Washington University, USA
June 12 - July 26, 1995. Summer Institute in American Studies, LSU (Baton Rouge, LA), (Washington, DC), USA.PS DC), USA.
January 23-27, 1995. Seminar on Russian Philosophy, Department of Teachers'Upgrading, Moscow Avian Institute.
November1984 - December 1987. Post-Graduate Studies. Department of Philosophy,Moscow State University, Moscow
September 1975 -  June 1981. Department of History and English. Voronezh State University, Voronezh
Awards and Grants:
  • September 1, 1997 31 August 1999 The RSS individual grant for the research project "Business Ethics in Russia from Multicultural Perspective).
  • Fulbright Junior Faculty Development Program Grant, USA,1996.
  • Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Information Agency Grant, 1995.
  • Laureate Diploma of the Moscow City Conference of Young Scholars " Scientific-Technological Progress and Actual Problems of Social Sciences", Moscow, 1986
  • Diploma with Honor, VSU, Voronezh, Russia, 1981.
Degrees and titles:
  • Academic title of Docent, Department of Philosophy, Voronezh State University, 1995.
  • Ph.D. (Philosophy), Moscow State University, 1988.
  • M.A. (History, English), Voronezh State University, 1981.
Major Areas:
Cultural Studies, American Studies, Business Ethics, Women Studies.
Second Field: History, Philosophy, Aesthetics.
Courses Taught Previously: History of World Culture, History of Russian Culture, Philosophy and Theory of Culture, Business Ethics, Aesthetics, American Studies, Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Ethics.
Current Research: The specifics of Russian Business Capital, Work-Related Values in Russia,Cross-Cultural Study of Business Ethics and Management, History of Russian and American Business, Work and Gender in Different Cultures.
Participation in the conferences (1994-1999):
  1. The International Conference "Rewriting Women's History in the Countries of Transition", European Humanities University, Minsk, Belarus, 30 September 1 October, 1999. 
  2. The Fourth European Sociology Association Conference"Will Europe Work?", 18-21 August, 1999, Vrije University,Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 
  3. The Third International Conference on Enterprise in Transition, Split-ž ibenik, Croatia, May 27-29, 1999. 
  4. The International Conference "Literature in the Context of Culture", Moscow, the Russian Association of American Studies and the Journalism Department of the Moscow State University, December 7-12, 1998, Moscow State University.
  5. The International Conference "the Concepts of Human and Behavior Patterns of the East and the West: Interdisciplinary approach", Russian State University for Humanities(RSUH) at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology, 30 May- 4 June 1998, Moscow. 
  6. The regional conference "The Destructive Processes in the Development of Contemporary Russian Culture", the Department of Cultural Studies in the Voronezh State University, 28 May 1998, Voronezh, Russia. 
  7. The 14th European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Researches, the Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies, the University of Vienna, Austria, 14-17 April1998.
  8. The International Cultural Industries Management Conference.Stern School of Business, New York University, May,1997, New York, USA. 
  9. The International Conference "The 20th Century and Philosophy".Moscow State Press Academy, Moscow, 12-14 March, 1994.
Membership in Cultural and Professional Organizations:
  • Russian Association of American Culture Studies.
  • Cinema Friends Society
List of Publications:
  1. Three articles ("Russian Business in Search for Stability", "Cultural Interaction and Reformative-Innovative Stereotype in Russian Culture" and "The Loveless Culture") are under consideration now.
  2. Work-Related Values in Russia. In: Russia Today: Sociological Outlook.M.: Russian Society of Sociologists, 1999, p. 29-38; Work-Related Values in Russia (abstract).In: Abstracts. 4th ESA Conference "Will Europe Work?" August 18-21, 1999. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,The Netherlands, Randstad, 1999, p.104 (in English).
  3. Business Ethics in Russia: Sociocultural and Historical Background and Problems of its Teaching. ? ??.: The Third International Conference "Enterprise in Transition".The Book of Proceedings. Split-Sibenik, May 1999. Extended Abstract, pp. 279-283 and full paper on CD-ROM(in English).
  4. Working Community and Systems Thinking Dialectics. In:STIQE'98: proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Systems Thinking, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Environment, Maribor, Slovenia, December 6-9, 1998 / ed. By M. Ribernik, M. Mulej. Maribor: Institute for Entrepreneurship at Faculty of Business Economics, 1998, p. 53-64.(in English).
  5. Labor Culture and its Significance for the Development of Culture. In Destructive Processes in the Development of Russian Contemporary Culture. Proceedings of the Regional Scientific Conference, Voronezn State University, Voronezh, May 1998, p. 50-54 (in Russian).
  6. Identifying Russian Cultural Constitution. In: Cybernetics and Systems. Ed. R. Trappl. Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies, Vienna, 1998, p.448-453 (In English,in co-authorship).
  7. Will Russia Become an Industrial or Post-Industrial Society? In: Cybernetics and Systems. Ed. R. Trappl. Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies, Vienna, 1998,p. 454-457 (In English, in co-authorship).
  8. The Image of a Business Woman in American Movies. In: Abstracts of the Conference "Literature in the Context of Culture". December 7-12, 1998, Moscow, 143-150(in English and in Russian).
  9. Working Activity as a Foundation of a Behavioral Code.In Sociobiology of Ritual and Group Identity: A Homology of Annual and Human Behavior. Annual Meeting of the European Sociobiological Society and Concepts of Humans and Behavior Patterns in the Cultures of the East and the West: Interdisciplinary Approach. Satellite Meeting.Proceedings of International Conference. Moscow,1998, p.33-34 (in Russian).
  10. Culturology. The Dictionary of Terms. Voronezh: VSU,1996. 109 p. (In co-authorship).
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